The Brawls at Finly

The Brawls at Finly

The common belief is companies having employees that work more hours = more productivity.

By now we know this is not true.

Most days around our office, you’ll find a big gathering at around 5:30 pm wherein each team, the Product team, the Biz Dev Team & the Operations team is challenging each other for a Brawlhalla tournament.

For those who don’t game much, video games are a fun way to decompress. Brawlhalla, being one of the games we play in office can be played in 8 to 15-minute increments, so they’re effective for shorter or longer breaks.

On-the-job gaming gives co-workers more reasons to get together and collaborate while keeping their minds sharp. Brawlhalla is definitely one of those games which keeps one at the edge.

More about the Brawl

Each of us take our favorite Legends, deck them out and jump on like in a smattering of modes to play in.

One of the key difference in Brawlhalla is its heavy focus on the motion. Everyone is fast. The airtime you can get when being slammed or just gliding from platform to platform is insane. Wall jumping feels endless, and getting back to the stage by dashing, jumping and attacking feels possible from any position on the map. You can feel your heart beating through those long, tense battles while camping from safer spaces to bomb your opponents from a distance.

When a weapon is in hand, each Legend’s heavy attacks become signature attacks, unique to them and full of mix up and knock out potential.

Organic Team-Building

There is organic team-building as people rally around the game, all of it without any calculated effort . With my company currently undergoing a growth spurt, it’s encouraging to see relationships forged and gaps bridged so quickly.

I personally enjoy gathering with employees for a couple of brawls – it has allowed everyone to get to know each other in a more relaxed environment. The end result is a united team, at all levels of the company.

A permissive work culture that embraces video games will see a less-stressed, higher morale, and even smarter and higher-quality workforce. The Motley Fool, for instance, attributes its extremely low employee turnover to the company’s gaming culture.

So, perhaps you should consider setting up some games in your office, as a lot is achieved through them in a natural way.

Why let go of the opportunity to do something that relieves stress, that’s fun, unites a company & could offer intellectual gain?

“At Finly, we encourage our teams to have fun and relieve stress by “gamifying” the workplace.

“Gamifying” is the idea of creating a fun & competitive atmosphere that motivates people to succeed at tasks by applying game mechanics.

In the tidy universe of a game, stress doesn’t stand a chance.


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